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2020 Membership Renewal

2020 Membership Renewal

Membership Fees, $40/year, due by March 31, 2020.

  • register your Friesians, Friesian Sporthorses & Arabo-Friesians
  • participate in the Awards Program
  • advertise your horses & horse related items free on the classified page of our web site
  • be listed on the Breeders & Sellers Page

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2020 Registration Letters ~ M N O

Canadian Friesian Horse Association proudly registers Friesians, Friesian Sport Horses and Arabo-Friesians. All registered horses are invited to the keurings for evaluation.

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The Canadinan Friesian Horse Association is committed to the promotion of this breed registry and we are working hard to continue promoting this association and to provide CFHA Members with incentives like our new website, awards program and events page!  

We are here to help YOU promote your farm, stallion, breeding program, show horses and pleasure horses!  Please visit our Membership Page for more details, take a stroll through our Classifieds, or check out the Awards Program for our association members! 

Join this young association as we strive to develop a registry for the promotion, education and enjoyment of our Friesian, Arabo Friesian and Friesian Sport Horses. 

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Canadian Friesian Horse Association

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Telephone: 780.675.5927  Fax: 866.594.3120  


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