The CFHA accepts all approved KFPS/FHANA or FPZV stallions for breeding.

Stallions listed here are approved by the CFHA standards and available for purebred Friesian, Arabo-Friesian and non-Friesian mares.   For more information on these wonderful stallions, please contact the owners directly.

Approved Stallion

Donius W.

In his 50 Day Stallion Performance Test (1993 approved Friesian Stallion) Donius received top marks for character, ability to learn and work and a rare 9 for his exceptional walk. Donius is a proven sire of several champion sport horses including Windsong (FSHR Horse of the year in 05-06) and Guinness (USDF Silver award). With the addition of 3 star mares to our breeding herd, Donius has prove himself again with an outstanding record of producing quality foals including FSH Grand and Reserve champions Wagner von Donius and Yonee HRF as well as several 2nd premium foals. For champion quality foals with superior dressage movement, superb temperament, sensible confidence and remarkable athletic abilities Donius offspring are an excellent choice for amateurs and professionals alike.

Donius W. 040002593 FPZ

Barteld 198102921 (sire)

Naen 197602641

Kingke 197562460 model & pref

Rica 198910210 (dam)

Hearke 197302541pref

Frouke Fan It Leechlan 198383870

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Approved Stallion


 Laes (Frozen Semen Available)

 Laes is an approved purebred Friesian stallion who was born in 1986 in Holland. He was the first approved and keured (FHS/FPZV) Friesian stallion to stand in Canada. In 1977 he was champion at the 50 Day Sallion Performance Test of FHS/FPZV in Texas. To date his offspring have all scored very well and received premiums and some have been awarded as site champions, Tour champions and reserve champions. Some of his offspring have achieved ranking at the top USA and Canadian competitions. He has sired one approved son and several star and model daughters.

Laes 417/235

Tsjalling 235 (sire)

Hotse 223

VillieII 4613 model

Hieke 5962 model (dam)

Mark 232 pref

Tine 5560 ster en pref


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